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Yeosu Expo to complete three-month run Sunday
Yeosu, August 9th (Korea Herald)

The Expo 2012 Yeosu will wrap up its three-month run on Sunday, with the number of visitors expected to reach 8 million as targeted by the organizing committee.

Dubbed the first-ever world fair held on water, the Yeosu Expo opened on May 12 in the southern coastal town of Yeosu, about 455 kilometers south of Seoul.

It was the second international fair hosted by Korea, after the Daejeon Expo in 1993. As of Thursday, the accumulated number of visitors was 7.35 million.

In the early days after the opening, concerns were raised over the lower-than-expected number of visitors. Until mid June, the figure remained at about 2.3 million.

Then the government stepped up efforts to draw visitors, launching a new pricing system for tickets and adding performances by K-pop stars into festival programs.

The daily visitors hovering at 50,000-60,000 started to increase to 100,000 from July. This month, around 270,000 people have visited the venue site every day.

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Source: Korea Herald

EXPO 2012: Korea Pavilion’s Film on a Large Dome Screen
Yeosu, May 13th (Official Website)

As a beam of light shoots through the pitch black darkness, visitors find themselves suddenly standing in the middle of the open sea. Fishermen on a boat floating on the sea perform rituals in preparation for a big catch. Amid the festive music and prayers, a net is cast from the boat and visitors are submerged deep into the sea.

The dome screen in the Korea Pavilion is the world’s largest, measuring 30 meters in diameter, 15 meters in height and 95 meters in circumference. Deep-sea creatures like corals, seaweed, rays, huge whales and schools of fish are vividly brought to the dome screen for visitors to enjoy. They can also take a virtual journey from the sea to a desert then to grasslands and learn about our efforts to address various issues facing us, such as water shortage, by utilizing energy and resources generated from the sea.

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Source: Official Website

The International Expo 2012 Opens In Yeosu, South Korea
Yeosu, May 12th (Official Website)

Consists of exhibition area of 250,000 ㎡ and auxiliary facilities (including Expo Town, Transit Parking Lots, parks, green areas, etc.)

The site has the geographical edge that comes from being adjacent to the ocean, and thus, is ideal for realizing the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast.” The site overlooks Hallyeosudo Marine National Park and Odong Island, and is surrounded by 317 jewel-like islets, having the perfect natural conditions to make the Expo’s theme come alive.

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Source: Official Website

Shanghai’s World Expo to Close After Hosting Record Visitors
Shanghai, October 31st 2010 (Businessweek)

Shanghai’s $44 billion World Expo closes today after China’s richest city hosted a record number of visitors during the six-month event.

A ceremony will be held in the evening along the city’s Huangpu river, with leaders including Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in attendance. The Expo has attracted almost 73 million visitors since it opened to the public on May 1, according to its website, surpassing the 64 million people that attended the 1970 expo in Osaka, Japan.
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