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The 2nd Macao, China international digital cinema festival and Technology Expo
Macao, October 6th 2011

The Second Edition of the Macao, China International Digital Cinema Festival and Entertainment Technology Expo will interweave leading filmmakers, entertainment companies, broadcasters and technology experts from across in China, with global leaders in content creation, entertainment technology and manufacturing. The event will feature industry leading speakers, motion picture and broadcast celebrities, motion picture screenings, seminars, panel discussions, award winning independent, documentary and student films, special gala banquets and receptions. All the while, focusing on the latest advances and technologies of 21st century motion picture, television and electronic game production.

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Source: Official Website

Macao Science Center Planetarium Confirmed as World’s Highest Resolution 3D Planetarium
Macao, July 21st 2011

The Planetarium at Macao Science Center is awarded the highest resolution 3D planetarium in the world by the Guinness World Records™.

The Planetarium’s dome has a tilted screen of 15.24 m in diameter. , Together with the 12 high resolution projectors of 2,048 x 1,024 pixels, the 3D projection system in the Planetarium is the first digital system to equip simultaneously with ultra-high definition (8,000 x 8,000) and 3D visual effects in the world. Forty-eight high efficiency computers are engaged in processing images and 12 projectors are used for 360-degree projection, providing a high frame quality 16 times finer than ordinary cinema screens.

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Source: Macao Science Center Website

3D Expo Seeks to Explain New Technology to China
Beijing, November 17th 2010 (Hollywood Reporter)

Following the eye-popping success of Avatar in China and the recent flop of China’s latest homegrown 3D film, Don Quixote, Ellen Eliasoph, the former head of Warner Bros. China and Bai Qiang, the founder of a new company called 3D-China, have teamed up to explain and promote the technology shaking Hollywood to the China’s burgeoning film industry and the growing masses of Chinese middle-class moviegoers.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Beijing To Build First 3D Technology Park
Beijing, July 8th 2010 (China Tech News)

Looking to encourage more interactive films and online games companies, Beijing is reportedly planning the city’s first 3D technology park in Changping district and the feasibility report will be launched before the end of this year.

According to the Science and Technology Commission of Changping, the new technology park will include functional areas for 3D technology research and development; manufacturing of high-end 3D products; check and verification of 3D products; 3D medical imaging services; an 3D international conventions and exhibitions. It will also have a 3D international research and development central area, a 3D international enterprise park, and a 3D international themed park.

Fang Yan, deputy director for Changping district, said that the district has made major plans for its high-tech industry in the next few years. It will work together with China Video Industry Association and China 3D Industry Association for the construction of a high-end development and manufacturing base for 3D products.

At present, some 3D-related enterprises, including Barco from Belgium, have already settled in Changping.

Source: China Tech News

Old news, but lately everybody is asking us about 3D (3D Stereo, 4D, Stereoscopic, etc) productions. Yes we can do it but please read Roger Ebert Newsweek “Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)” article first before you consider it.

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