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China’s Alibaba May Be Readying Major Hollywood Assault
Beijing, September 19th (Hollywood Reporter)

After its record-breaking IPO, e-commerce giant will make building a bigger film business a priority, experts say

Alibaba’s massive IPO will give a major boost to its plans to expand into the film business, with the Chinese e-commerce giant expected to focus on a move into Hollywood as part of its growth strategy.

Analysts say once the company has finished the work of launching the world’s biggest stock market listing, the industry can expect a major push into movies. Company founder Jack Ma, a huge fan of Forrest Gump, has made it clear he sees a future for Alibaba in entertainment.

“Alibaba has made some investments already in the entertainment industry, including [the acquisition of] a stake in Youku Tudou,” independent e-commerce analyst Li Chengdong tells The Hollywood Reporter. “After the IPO, Alibaba will be so deep-pocketed that it is able to lay out the whole industry chain and make forays into all sorts of businesses.”

Li predicts that Alibaba will put more emphasis on developing good content, using its vast capital to buy intellectual property from Hollywood, as well as make more high-quality domestic movies.

“With sufficient money at hand, everything is possible for Alibaba. It is currently very focused on entertainment as it needs to be somewhat entertainment-orientated to grab public attention,” says Li. “My guess is Alibaba will bring more and more Hollywood stars to China to attend its events, make films and appear in commercials.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China’s Wanda to Spend $1.2 Billion on Beverly Hills Entertainment HQ
Hong Kong, August 13th (Hollywood Reporter)

The real estate giant, and owners of AMC Theaters, will keep its U.S. commercial business in New York but is bullish on the prospects for its Wilshire site.

China’s Wanda Group will spend $1.2 billion to develop its Hollywood presence after it won a bid for a plot of land at 9900 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, for the HQ of its U.S. entertainment business.

“The Los Angeles project will serve as the Wanda Group’s first important step into Hollywood,” the group said in a statement on its website.

Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin is China’s richest individual and in 2012 he bought the AMC theater chain for $2.6 billion.

The company said the Beverly Hills facility was also expected to help China’s entry into Hollywood’s film industry and generally promote Chinese culture abroad.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China’s Wanda Plans to Buy ‘One or Two Large International Entertainment Companies‎’
Hong Kong, July 24th (Hollywood Reporter)

Amid consolidation chatter in the U.S., the owner of exhibition giant AMC says it plans to become a “real” multinational company and “intensify” its investment in the entertainment sector globally.

Amid chatter about possible consolidation in the U.S. entertainment industry following 21st Century Fox’s recently rejected $80 billion bid for Time Warner, China’s Wanda Group said Thursday it plans to make one or two big entertainment deals abroad.

The hotel, cinema and property conglomerate, which owns U.S. exhibition giant AMC, said it outlined its strategic plans to further internationalize through investments and key overseas acquisitions at a semiannual meeting in Harbin on July 12 but only made the plans public this week.

Wanda’s billionaire chairman Wang Jianlin said he wanted his company to be among the first Chinese businesses to be truly international.

“In the second half of this year, Wanda will intensify its investment in the entertainment sector overseas by acquiring one or two large international entertainment companies,” declared Wang, adding that the investment arm of Wanda is currently undergoing negotiations with certain companies, Wanda said in a statement on its website.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China Film Group Plans $740 Million IPO
Beijing, June 27th (Hollywood Reporter)

After years of stop-start negotiations, the country’s largest film producer and distributor is finally going public. – See more at:

The state-owned colossus China Film Group is planning a $740 million initial public offering ahead of a stock market listing in Shanghai, according to regulator information.

China Film is a giant in the Chinese film industry. In addition to producing, importing, exporting and distributing films, it also operates theater chains, sells film equipment and manages talent.

China’s film market is the second biggest in the world and has grown rapidly, and the listing of China Film Group is a sign of concerted efforts to build up an infrastructure for future growth and help the industry compete with Hollywood.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China’s Huayi, Enlight Plan to Raise $854 Million for Expansion Plans
Beijing, June 26th (Hollywood Reporter)

The two power players’ separate moves come at the end of a busy week for capital raising in China, after Fosun said it would invest significant capital into Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 project.

Two of China’s leading private film and TV companies, Huayi Brothers Media and Beijing Enlight Media, have unveiled separate plans to raise a total of $854 million to help them expand in the booming film business. The funds will come via private placement offerings.

Enlight Media plans to raise around $451 million through the sale of 140 million new shares, including nearly $370 million for movies and more than $80 million for TV content.

Enlight has made no secret of its international ambitions, which it hopes to build using its strong domestic base. In 2012, its low-budget comedy Lost in Thailand took $202 million here.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba Sets Up Film Company
Beijing, May 12th (Hollywood Reporter)

Alibaba is continuing its expansion into the booming entertainment business with the registration of a company in Hong Kong.

Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, which has just filed for a $1 billion initial public offering, is continuing its expansion into the entertainment industry with the registration of a film company in Hong Kong.

The company, Alibaba Pictures Group, was previously registered in April as Alibaba Films Group before changing its name later in the month, according to a regulatory filing.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Chinese Film Studio DMG Planning IPO, With Valuation of Nearly $1 Billion
Beijing, April 25th (Hollywood Reporter)

The Beijing and L.A.-based company, which co-produced “Transcendence” and “Iron Man 3,” is employing a “back door” listing strategy to jump to ahead of other companies waiting for an IPO in China.

Beijing and L.A.-based film studio and marketing company DMG, which co-produced Iron Man 3, Looper and Transcendence, is planning a “back door” initial public offering using a pork company listed in Shenzhen as a vehicle.

The deal will involve the meat processor Sichuan Gaojin Foods, which is listed on the stock exchange in Shenzhen, issuing shares in DMG to buy the larger company.

Sources close to the deal said that the back-door listing mechanism was simply a way of jumping to the front of the line, as the Chinese government only recently started allowing IPOs again after 14 months in which the market went dark, and there is a queue of some 600 companies seeking a listing, including several other entertainment industry outfits, such as Shanghai Film Corporation and Wanda Cinema Line.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China’s Wanda Group Eyeing IPO for Cinema Chain
Beijing, April 23rd (Hollywood Reporter)

The country’s largest exhibitor, Wanda Cinema Line, plans to raise $325 million via a listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange two years after the real estate conglomerate behind it acquired AMC Entertainment.

Chinese real estate conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group is preparing an IPO for its cinema chain on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

According to a filing made public by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company, headed by Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, plans to sell up to 60 million shares to raise around $325 million (2 billion yuan).

Dalian Wanda Group is the world largest owner and operator of movie theaters. In 2012, the company bought North America’s second biggest theater chain, AMC Entertainment, for $2.6 billion.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Shanghai Film Corporation Among List of 28 Firms Planning IPO
Beijing, April 20th (Hollywood Reporter)

The list, published by China Securities Regulatory Commission, is seen as evidence the government has not closed its window for IPO applications.

Shanghai Film Corporation Ltd. was one of 28 prospectuses posted on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission over the weekend, a sign that the government is seeking to revive the slumbering market for initial public offerings.

Shanghai Film Corp. is planning to raise ¥969 million ($155.63 million) in its IPO and will look for a listing on the Shanghai bourse.

Shanghai Film Corp., which is owned by the Shanghai city government, is a film production company that also distributes and exhibits movies. It also has studios, a documentary-producing unit and animation facilities. While not technically part of the Shanghai Media Group, which is also state-owned, the two groups have the same chief executive, Ren Zhonglun.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China’s Alibaba Buys Controlling Stake in Film, TV Producer ChinaVision
Beijing, March 12th (Hollywood Reporter)

The $800 million deal will give the e-commerce giant access to ChinaVision’s diverse content, including Premier League soccer and local blockbusters, such as Stephen Chow’s “Journey to the West.”

China’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba has bought a controlling stake in ChinaVision Media Group for $804 million, the latest salvo in a battle with rival Internet giant Tencent.

Alibaba has been valued at as much as $200 billion — considerably higher than Facebook’s market capitalization of $178 billion as of Wednesday — and is widely expected to go for an initial public offering soon.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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