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Introducing: Shanxi Science and Technology Museum in Taiyuan
Beijing, April 20th 2011

Currently under constrcution, the Shanxi Science and Technology Museum. The Museum will be located in the new Business District of Taiyuan Changfeng, covering 70 acres, with a total investment of 2 billion and a total construction area of ​​28,000 square meters.
Key features include a dome screen theater, 4D theater, observatory, academic lecture hall, training, etc…

Source: Official Website

VFX Alliance now distribution partner of Antares Fulldome Productions
Hong Kong, April 20th 2011

The VFX Alliance is happy to announce that we are now officially distributing Antares Fulldome Productions for digital planetariums in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan). The following four productions “Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing”, “Chronicle of a Journey to Earth”, “The Birth of the Solar System” and “Moles – What is out there?” are part of the Distribution deal and it is planned to start the dubbing/subtitling into Chinese with first shows soon.

For more information’s please visit the website of Antares Fulldome Productions.

Beijing International Film Festival – Academic Lectures in the Beijing Film Academy
Beijing, April 18th 2011

During the International Beijing Film Festival there will be four Academic Lectures in the Beijing Film Academy. See the Programme attached:

Lecture 1: Exploring Innovative Models for Digital 3D Animated Films
Date: 13:30 – 16:00, April 25th

• Professor Zhang Huijun, President of Beijing Film Academy
• Professor Sun Lijun, Dean of College of Animation, Beijing Film Academy

• Kelly Asbury,Director of Shrek 2
• Clive Ng Cheang Neng,Senior Advisor to Warner Music Group Inc.
• Jay Sures,Board Member & Managing Partner,UTA
• Jeremy Zimmer,Founding Partner & Managing Director, UTA

Lecture 2: Visual Effects
Date: 9:30-12:00, April 26th

• Professor Liu Gesan, Dean of Digital Media Institute, Beijing Film Academy

• Bill George, Visual Effects Supervisor of Industrial Light & Magic

Lecture 3: Artistic Charm of Sound Design for Films
Time: 13:30-16:00, April 26

• Professor Huang Yingxia, Dean of Sound Recording Department, Beijing Film Academy

• Randy Thom, famous American sound designer

Lecture 4: Special Effects: Character Modeling
Time: 9:30-12:00, April 27

• Aorilige, Deputy Dean of Department of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy
• Liu Xiaoqing, Director of Stunt Section, Department of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy

• Shin Jae-ho, South Korean expert in special effects makeup

Beijing International Film Festival Programme

StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance / 視效聯盟有限公司
Hong Kong, 01 March 2011

In the process of restructuring our company and our business focus StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance (視效聯盟有限公司).

Together with partners in Europe and Asia (Berlin, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong and Munich) StepFish Film Production decided to build up the VFX Alliance.

China, soon to be an advanced movie production country
Beijing, June 06th 2010

By Wang Wei (China Daily)

After the success of Avatar, the Beijing Film Academy is stepping up its efforts to cultivate 3-D animation talent by establishing the first ever related major.

Beijing Film Academy will start the new major in September, titled New Technology in Movie Production. 3-D photography will be a primary subject, said Mu Deyuan, director of the photography department at the academy.
He said the academy plans to enroll 10 students into the major. The department will invest 10 million yuan in specialist equipment.
“After Avatar’s box office results, the central government and education authorities stressed a need to strengthen China’s moviemaking level,” he said. “We want to support the transformation of China into an advanced movie production country.”
Lei Zaixing, a photography lecturer with the film academy, is shooting a 3-D short film at Hengdian World Studios with Reed Smoot, a veteran cinematographer from the US whose 3-D works include Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets.
Lei believed 3-D film is the way forward for motion pictures, but Chinese movie-makers are a long way behind Hollywood. “We are lagging in many areas, such as proficiency, professional ethics, experience and production flow,” he added.
“After Avatar, those in the business learned how lucrative 3-D films could be and rushed in to have a bite of the cake,” he said. “But at least two productions failed from a lack of technology and expertise.”
However, he hoped China would be able to produce a 3-D movie in just four to five years. “Everything should be authentically Chinese, from the storyline to the crew members,” he said.
Chinese director Zhang Yimou raised a proposal during the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference session in March. He suggested the Beijing Film Academy establish a postgraduate course on high-tech movie making.
“We need to spice up our stories with advanced technology and make them more appealing,” he said.

Source: China Daily

Fulldome Lecture at the Minzu University of China
Beijing, 01 December 2009

The lecture was held on November 30, 2009 at the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication.
The Minzu University of China invited a new generation of filmmaker Mr. Robinson Steinke to lecture about the Fulldome movie format. The lecture attracted interest of many college students of the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication and Li-Fang Zhao, deputy director of the teachers who also attended the seminar.

Official Press Release (Chinese)

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