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Update: Hong Kong 360° Time Lapse
Hong Kong, April 2nd 2013

The vfx alliance offers high-resolution 360° Time Lapse content up to a resolution of 3400 x 3400 pixels.

Download Samples in a resolution of 1024×1024:

• Hong Kong – Des Voeux Road Council Bldn
• Hong Kong – Des Voeux Road Cable Car
• Hong Kong – Convention Centre
• Hong Kong – Government Building
• Hong Kong – Bank of China
• Hong Kong – Ferry Central – Kowloon
• Hong Kong – Ferry Kowloon – Wan Chai

‘Buyouts’ Offer Indies Unique Path to Chinese Market
Hong Kong, March 5th (Hollywood Reporter)

Distributors in China are increasingly scoring at the box office by paying a one-time-only fee for the rights to American B movies.

It’s no secret that moviegoers in China can’t get enough of American-made films. Box-office receipts in the country grew by 35 percent last year alone, and more than half of all ticket sales came from foreign movies. This is despite China’s controversial quota system, which only allows foreign studios to distribute 34 films a year in the country. But, as is often the case in China, there are ways around the rules — and in recent years the quota has supercharged a lesser-known corner of the Chinese film industry that allows distributors to skirt the government-mandated cap.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China extends import tax exemption for science films
Beijing, April 5th (Xinhua)

China’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced Thursday the extension of a three-year import tax exemption for popular science films for public consumption.

The exemption, effective from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2015, has been approved by the State Council and was aimed at promoting scientific knowledge, said the MOF in a statement on its website.

The country’s science and natural history museums, astronomical and meteorological observatories, seismic stations, and higher educational and research institutions have been exempted from customs duties and import value-added tax for the import of popular science films and television programs since 2009, according to the MOF.

A detailed list of the revisions is available on the MOF website.

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Source: Xinhua

SevenOne International Launches in Hong Kong
Cologne, March 1st 2012 (Hollywood Reporter)

Hoping to capitalize on the booming television market in China and elsewhere in Asia, European broadcasting group ProSiebenSat.1 is opening a branch office in Hong Kong for its international sales division SevenOne International.

SevenOne has had success selling European programs to Asia, particularly China, which has snatched up rights to German formats Galileo and My Man Can, among others. The new Hong Kong office, which will also serve the Australian market, hopes to further profit from this.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

In China Movie Pact, More 3-D, Less Reality
New York, February 19th 2011 (New York Times)

More “Mission: Impossible”? Bring it on.
The next “Les Misérables”? We’ll see.

A new agreement widening access in China to films from around the world, announced by negotiators for China and the United States late on Friday, brings with it a message about what the next wave of movie exports will look like: They will be large, in 3-D and mostly unrelated to the real world.

In an interview on Sunday, Christopher J. Dodd, chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America, said the focus on premium-format films reflected a bit of diplomacy that allowed the Chinese to add 14 films in a special category, without formally abandoning their existing quota of 20.

“To use their words, it was too politically sensitive for them to break that 20-film quota,” said Mr. Dodd. The new system, he said, is subject to review in five years, and it is still possible that American studios and officials will press for more access in the interim.

The agreement carries a proviso that the special-category films be available in premium 3-D or large-screen Imax formats, even if they are accompanied by conventional 2-D versions.

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Source: New York Times

China continues piracy crack down
Beijing, November 11th 2011 (Variety)

China is seeking to underline that it is serious about cracking down on piracy by setting up a special office to help the campaign against infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeit products.

Filmmakers, both domestic and foreign, regularly complain that rampant piracy in China makes it a dangerous market to operate in. It means, for example, that movies have little opportunity to generate revenue streams other than box office takings because IPR theft is so widespread.

The office will be set up under the Ministry of Commerce, the government said in a statement.

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Source: Variety

Huayi, Bona invest in China Lion
Beijing, October 31st 2011 (Variety)
China’s top two privately owned shingles, Huayi Bros. and Bona Film Group, have signed up to buy stakes in the one-year-old start-up China Lion Film Distribution, which will give them access to the North American market.

Both Huayi and Bona will acquire up to 20% of China Lion each for an undisclosed sum. Former Village Roadshow and Dune Entertainment exec Greg Coote will chair the company.

“This is a major milestone for both Bona and China’s film industry, as it will allow overseas Chinese to watch Chinese movies without delays, as well as open modern Chinese movies to a broader North American audience, and thereby help promote Chinese culture. I believe this is a strong win-win partnership,” Bona topper Dong Yu said in a statement.

Wang Zhonglei, prexy of Huayi, said China Lion had broken important ground in reaching North American auds in the past year.

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Source: Variety

VFX Alliance now distribution partner of Antares Fulldome Productions
Hong Kong, April 20th 2011

The VFX Alliance is happy to announce that we are now officially distributing Antares Fulldome Productions for digital planetariums in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan). The following four productions “Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing”, “Chronicle of a Journey to Earth”, “The Birth of the Solar System” and “Moles – What is out there?” are part of the Distribution deal and it is planned to start the dubbing/subtitling into Chinese with first shows soon.

For more information’s please visit the website of Antares Fulldome Productions.

StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance / 視效聯盟有限公司
Hong Kong, 01 March 2011

In the process of restructuring our company and our business focus StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance (視效聯盟有限公司).

Together with partners in Europe and Asia (Berlin, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong and Munich) StepFish Film Production decided to build up the VFX Alliance.

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