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Chinese Entertainment Industry Set for IPO Boom Year
Beijing, March 6th (Hollywood Reporter)

A research firm says companies in the broader culture sector are lining up stock market listings, both in China and overseas.

Chinese government efforts to boost the entertainment industry, as part of a broader push to promote culture, are expected to translate into a boom year for stock market listings in the sector, research shows.

The Third Plenary Session of the Communist Party, which outlined key economic reforms, highlighted in November the culture industry as one that it was keen to promote, and that decision means more stock market listings for Chinese companies in 2014, according to research by Beijing-based Entgroup, which analyzes the entertainment industry.

The culture industry — film, television, literature, art, music, fashion, gaming and the like — is crucial to Chinese efforts to promote “soft power,” as China tries to match its growing economic might with cultural and political influence around the globe.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

China: Landmark Reform Plans Call for Anti-Piracy Court
Hong Kong, November 18th (Hollywood Reporter)

In the biggest policy overhaul in three decades, the Communist leadership also urges more private input and ownership in the cultural arena.

Plans for a new court to protect intellectual property rights and reform of state companies in the cultural arena to allow greater private input were among the Hollywood-friendly reforms announced in a landmark 60-point roadmap by China’s ruling Communist Party.

The reform plan, seen as the biggest program of change in more than 30 years in China, also includes major social reform, including an easing of the One Child Policy and the abolition of “re-education through labor” camps.

The reform outline was issued several days after a four-day, closed-door conclave of its top leaders earlier this month, and contains unprecedented policy shifts. It’s a strong sign that President Xi Jinping has asserted his authority at the helm of the world’s second-biggest economy.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

Deals on cultural projects signed
Beijing, October 29th (China.org)

Three deals in the cultural and creative industries were signed at the 17th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium, which took place in Beijing from October 23 to 24.

The three deals, inked at a business matching event held on October 24, were promoted by the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center. Included are the following three programs.

The Xiangjiang International Shengtang Cultural and Creative Park, at a worth of 80 million yuan (US$12.9 million), will be built in the core area of Tian’anmen Square in Beijing, targeting high-end cultural and creative enterprises.

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Source: China.org

Cyberport Speaker Series: Fundraising in Silicon Valley
Hong Kong, October 7th (Cyberport)

Cyberport’s speaker series “Fundraising in Silicon Valley” on 9 October 2013 will feature several influential VC partners, angel investors, startup incubators, TechCrunch’s CrunchBase and high profile startup founders from Silicon Valley. Whether you are seeking funding or aiming to build a tech startup, this event is not to be missed.

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Source: Cyberport

Hong Kong: Business of Design Week 2013
Hong Kong, October 6th (BoDW Website)

In its 11th year as one of the most comprehensive and important annual design forums in Asia, BODW is bringing the designs of Belgium, this year’s partner country, onto centre stage. The week-long programme from 2-7 December covers disciplines in architecture, brands, technology, culture and heritage, industrial, project and fashion design, education, business and communications. Events include the HKDC Awards Ceremony, BODW Forum, DesignEd Asia Conference, exhibitions and outreach programmes, each of which will provide a platform for designers, innovators, business leaders, SMEs, and academics to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

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Source: BoDW Website

Huge National Art Museum of China still not approved
Beijing, August 8th (SCMP)

With Hong Kong’s M+ Museum due to open in 2017, it was widely believed the city would enter an intense rivalry with Beijing as a new centre for art and culture in Asia. Now, such ideas seem premature.

While Swiss architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron was picked in June to design a grand 75,000-square-metre arts museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District, it remains unclear when – if at all – Beijing will proceed with its own mega-sized art museum on the capital’s northern outskirts.

It has been almost a year since French architect Jean Nouvel won the highly coveted commission to design the 130,000-square-metre National Art Museum of China (Namoc) that will be sited next to the National Stadium. However, Nouvel’s conceptual design, which was inspired by an ink brushstroke, still has not been approved by China’s new leadership.

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Source: SCMP

Digital Domain’s new Hong Kong owner, Wanda’s Imax affair
Beijing, July 30th (SCMP)

Digital Domain is headed for turbulence with its takeover by a new Chinese parent, while Wanda may be moving too fast with a major expansion of its Imax tie-up.

A couple of news bits are highlighting China’s rapidly blossoming love affair with Hollywood, and also hinting at the turbulence we’re likely to see in the next couple of years as Chinese firms invest too much as they become smitten with show business. One of those deals has US digital effects house Digital Domain being taken over by a new Chinese owner less than a year after it was purchased out of bankruptcy by a Beijing-based film producer. The other has leading theatre chain owner Wanda Group significantly boosting its ties with Canada’s Imax (Toronto: IMX), as it invests heavily in Imax’s big-screen technology.

Both of these deals shine a spotlight on the building bubble in China’s film and related theatre businesses, which are seeing massive new investment as China and Hollywood rapidly expand their ties. Much of that new love affair is understandable, since China’s box office is growing rapidly and is now the world’s second largest behind only the US. But as with many things in China, this sudden rush of companies into a hot new industry is likely to result in a bubble due to excessive new investment.

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Source: SCMP

Creative thinking benefits Shanghai & HK
Shanghai, June 14th (China Daily)

Hong Kong’s duck mania sparks interest in innovative marketing

Fang Jinqi, a well-off 32-year-old real estate agent from Shanghai, goes to Hong Kong at least once a month to stock up on the latest fashion and savor the finest Cantonese food served at eateries known only to connoisseurs.

But this month, she is going not so much for the food or shopping but to take a good look at the giant rubber duck that has mesmerized and fascinated so many locals as well as tourists.

“Yes”, she admitted, “it’s for the duck this time” – but she’s not the only fan of the three-story tall creation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, that has been the star of the Hong Kong harbor in recent months.

The strong demand for harbor-view rooms in Hong Kong hotels is testament to the flood of duck-loving tourists from the mainland and elsewhere coming to Hong Kong to view Hofman’s work.

The duck mania has even earned an honorable mention from Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

At the 2nd Annual Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific Summit in Shanghai earlier this month, Leung said that the giant duck has proved the economic value and importance of successful creative ideas, which can help to boost tourism, catering, retail and many other industries.

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Source: China Daily

Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin: Creative City – Design and Arts Scene in Hong Kong
Berlin, June 1st (Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin)
The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) Berlin will organize the seminar “Creative City: Design and Arts Scene in Hong Kong” at the Federal Foreign Office on June 7 .

The seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for our speakers to share the thriving design and arts scene of Hong Kong, as well as the potential room for further collaboration between Hong Kong and Berlin in these aspects.

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Source: Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin

Shanghai: Report says city lacks public cultural facilities
Shanghai, April 27th (Shanghai Daily)
SHANGHAI ranked first in the country in terms of cultural services per capita, but lagged behind in the number of public cultural service institutes such as museums, libraries and community cultural rooms, according to a report released by a local university.

The city’s top ranking per capita was based on a number of measurements, such as number of those employed in cultural activities and spending.

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Source: Shanghai Daily

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