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360° Motion Control Time-Lapse
Hong Kong, May 1st 2014

The VFX Alliance is now offering 360° Motion Control Time-Lapse productions up to a resolution of 3800×3800.

Please download our sample:
• Glienicker Bridge – 360° Motion Control Time-Lapse (1024) in a resolution of 1024×1024.

or a low res version:
• Glienicker Bridge – 360° Motion Control Time-Lapse (480) in a low res version of 480 x 480.

China Animation is booming, not blooming
Beijing, January 28th 2012 (China Daily)

China’s animation industry is still in its infancy but it’s a very chubby baby, fed by investors pouring in capital and by favorable government policies.

It has been productive, too. In 2003, the industry turned out 12,000 minutes of original cartoons. In 2010, the volume was more than 220,000 minutes, according to data from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

Last year’s total production is expected to surpass 240,000 minutes.

But analysts say little remarkable progress has been made. They blame a lack of clear guidelines for development of the industry and blind investment in expectation of huge returns.

While more than 10,000 animation enterprises are operating in the market, few have made a profit or found the right way to run their business, said Li Yang, director of the expert committee on the industry’s development under the State Council.

And among the nearly 22 weeks’ worth of original cartoons produced in 2010, “there have barely been any really excellent ones, which actually turns out to be a huge waste of money, time and manpower”, he said.

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Source: China Daily

Update: Beijing 360° Time Lapse
Hong Kong, 23 April 2011

Please check on a regular basis for our new Allsky Time Lapse samples.

Download new sample:  

• Beijing – China Central Square


For more details please check Content / Time Lapse

VFX Alliance now distribution partner of Antares Fulldome Productions
Hong Kong, April 20th 2011

The VFX Alliance is happy to announce that we are now officially distributing Antares Fulldome Productions for digital planetariums in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan). The following four productions “Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing”, “Chronicle of a Journey to Earth”, “The Birth of the Solar System” and “Moles – What is out there?” are part of the Distribution deal and it is planned to start the dubbing/subtitling into Chinese with first shows soon.

For more information’s please visit the website of Antares Fulldome Productions.

StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance / 視效聯盟有限公司
Hong Kong, 01 March 2011

In the process of restructuring our company and our business focus StepFish Film Production becomes the VFX Alliance (視效聯盟有限公司).

Together with partners in Europe and Asia (Berlin, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong and Munich) StepFish Film Production decided to build up the VFX Alliance.

Update: 360° Time-Lapse Samples Available
Hong Kong, 15 September 2010

Please check our new Allsky time lapse samples.

Download Samples:  

• Beijing – Central Business District
• Beijing – China Central Place
• Beijing – Global Trade Center
• Beijing – Olympics


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360° Fulldome Image Samples Available
Hong Kong, 07 July 2010

The vfx alliance offers high-resolution 360° Time Lapse content up to a resolution of 3400 x 3400 pixels.

Download Sample:

• Beijing Olympics (1024×1024)

For more details please check Content / Time Lapse

360° Fulldome Image Catalogues Available
360° Fulldome Image Samples Available

Hong Kong, 22 June 2010

Fulldome Master (4096 x 4096)
• Beijing
• Hong Kong
• Macao
• Shenzhen

Single Shot Fulldome Master (3400 x 3400)
• Beijing CBD 01
• Beijing CBD 02
• Beijing CBD 03
• Beijing CBD 04
360° Fulldome Images Pricelist

Hong Kong, 24 May 2010

(0,02 € per pixel)
1024 = 20,48€
2048 = 40,96€
3200 = 64,00€
4096 = 81,92€

Nonprofit (Educational Institution)
(0,01 € per pixel)
1024 = 10,24€
2048 = 20,48€
3200 = 32,00€
4096 = 40,96€
* License and appropriate production credit required

All images can be purchased as dome master, spherical image, quicktime vr or flash.
If you are interested in purchasing or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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